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Citizen Kang!
Annual Event - 1992

Overall Rating - J1/2
Unfortunately, the Cap annual was an enjoyable read and it had captured me for the duration of the four issues. However, it was all downhill from that point. The Thor annual was mediocre, but it kept with Thomas' vision of what Citizen Kang was about: Avengers playing about in the timestream. The last two annuals by Gruenwald were utter disappointment and anti-climactic. I'm also not a fan of Trimpe's rigid art form so both of these aspects may the last issue painful to read.

Captain America Annual # 11: "An Epic Adventure"   
Writer:  Roy Thomas  
Penciller:  Larry Alexander  
Inker: Kathryn Bolinger
Jay's Rating:
Cap travels to Timely, Wisconsin in search of the Vision who has mysteriously disappeared. His investigation propels him back in time to the 3rd millennium B.C., where he helps Gilgamesh drive off an attack by the Stone Men from Saturn. Cap spots a futuristic city in the distance and decides to tag along with Gilgamesh for a while. Gilgamesh attempts to retrieve the plant of immortality, but even with Cap's help, he fails. Cap meets up with young Sersi and together they travel to the futuristic city where unknown to them, Kang holds the Vision prisoner. Meanwhile, the Temptress approaches Doctor Druid. 

Roll Call:  
Captain America, Doctor Druid, and Vision.

The Mighty Thor Annual # 17: 
"The Hammer, The Cross - and the Eye"  
Writer:  Roy Thomas  
Penciller: Geoff Isherwood 
Inker: Fred Fredericks
Jay's Rating: 
Thor is sent in to investigate Cap disappearance and is transported back to the 10th century. Norsemen and Franks are engaged in battle and Thor meets Prester John, who  has traveled from the 12th century. However, Prester John wants to rule the world and with the Eye of Avalon he may be able to do it, but Thor stands in his way. Thor defeats him and plays the peacemaker between the Norsemen and Franks so that history follows the correct path. Thor is sent into the future, but is stranded in the early 20th century. The Temptress continues to court Doctor Druid.  

Roll Call:  
Black Knight, Black Widow, Crystal, Doctor Druid, Hercules, Sersi, and Thor II. 

Fantastic Four Annual #25: "Twice Upon a  Time"   
Writer: Mark Gruenwald  
Penciller: Herb Trimpe  
Inker: Brad Vancata
Jay's Rating: J1/2
Despite the presence of the Temptress, Dr. Druid convinces the FF to investigate Kang. The Avengers decided to investigate as well seeing that Thor has also gone missing. Both teams travel through Kang's time portal to the 30th century. The Temptress pits the FF against the Avengers while she escapes. Dr. Druid stops the battle in time for them to face Kang's Anachronauts.  

Roll Call:  
Black Knight, Black Widow, Crystal, Doctor Druid, Hercules, and Sersi.

Avengers Annual # 21: "Kang's World"  
Writer:  Mark Gruenwald  
Penciller:  Herb Trimpe  
Inker: Brad Vancata/Charles Barnett
Jay's Rating: J1/2
The Avengers and FF take on the Anachronauts, but decide to play possum to discover  Kang's plot. Kang brings Vision, Cap and Thor II to Chronopolis, but before he can put his plot into motion he is killed by the Temptress. Another Kang appears and discovers that she is Ravonna. Ravonna, disgusted with Kang's treatement of her over the years, vows to destroy him and all his alternate-time versions. Meanwhile, the Avengers and FF, freed by Sersi, defeat the Anachronauts. Kang sacrifices himself for Ravonna and it convinces her to take up his mantle and rule Chronopolis in his place.  

Roll Call:  
Black Knight, Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Doctor Druid, Hercules, Sersi, Thor II, and Vision.  

Jay's Notes:  
The Anachronaut Apocryphys reveals himself to be Sersi's son.

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